Chicken and Beer Festival

10 Apr

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Chicken and Beer – Festival in Annapolis

Hello Beautiful People….Oh sorry Chris Brown was playing in the background. I am back…. I hope I can stay on track to write at least 4 blogs a month. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot. I like blogging but my life not conducive for it, (my laptop went up, my tablet went up, I have three projects at work that needs all my time!) My other wonderful cohorts, are in the same boat, they are busy with their life, making moves in their careers and being adults. So the blog feel to the waist. I apologize for this as one of the collaborators.

This past weekend I had a chance, to go to the Annapolis Chicken and Beer festival. All I can say is the only thing missing if they had, Ludacris third album blaring in the background “Chicken-N-Beer”. The good was the different type of wings, but there weren’t enough Wing spots. I believe a total of 8 places were present along with 10 beer stands. I have to be honest; I don’t like Beer so I didn’t drink that much just a Virginia Hard Apple Cider.
Oh the Wings!!! So let begin with Mother’s restaurant.
They Served Traditional Wings, Old Bay Wings and Mai Tai Wings. I will admit, I stayed away from all traditional wings since I wanted variety. The Mai Tai Wings were spicy but not sweet like I expected. It had a sticky coat with red pepper and the wing was good and broke the top 5. The next wing stand had the Hulk wings, from another stand, which were overly spicy; I didn’t get a chance to take the picture. I wasn’t thrilled by this wing.

After Mother’s, I went over to Pit Boys which they had Sweet Carolina Wings, and Sweet spicy pepper wings. My sweet Carolina Wings were ice cold, and turned me off, the Sweet Spice wings, were okay, but didn’t make me say Yummy!

I tried O’Loughlins offered an Old Bay and Butter Wings. Which in thought seemed amazing but in actually taste it was too buttery and overpowered the Old bay. I gave them an “A” for effort, but it wasn’t worth the rest of my tickets.

The Best Wings in my opinion was Annapolis Smokehouse Tavern. These wings are what you want when you want wings with beer. They were juicy, plump and evenly cooked. The flavors were amazing with or without sauce! The wing sauces were amazing with Honey Apple, Fire, Bourbon cherry, honey Mustard and Sweet Caroline sauce. The Honey apple was the perfect balance, and the Bourbon cherry was sweet, savory and enticing. Honey mustard was cool but seems like traditional sauce. I loved these wings from start to finish, they were amazing.
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