I say Tea you say Party “Tea Party”

7 Jul

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I say Tea you say Party “Tea Party”

So I finally got the pictures from the tea party me and a friend hosted back in April! I don’t remember half of the recipes and wish I was blogging them as I created, found and prepared the mini meals.  I guess I rather post a blog with pictures and ideas than not post anything at all.  I am really trying to play catch-up. I like blogging about food and events, but it’s hard to carve out an hour to type a post and post pictures. Especially when I, don’t have a smartphone and I refuse to get a smartphone due to the cost of the bill and my ability to break things in 24 hours. (One day ask about the Chinese food phone incident or the time I dropped my phone while it was pouring down raining trying to get into my friends car.)  I digress. The tea party was born out of the idea that I want to have an Alice in Wonderland theme Birthday Party for my 30th bday in a few months. I realized that 80% of my friends would flake on me due to it being the holidays and well my friends usually choose family over partying.  So I decided I would host a girl’s only tea party in April.  I used my friend’s house because her house is clean even with a toddler.

So the hardest part of planning a tea party was doing it with my friend. We have to different creative ideas and styles. I had one vision she had another. I wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme she wanted a Jazzy mellow vibe. It worked well with Jazz music played in the background and the 1950s Alice in Wonderland played on the TV with the volume on low.  I was in charge of the menu and drinks which was awesome. I had an idea of how everything was to be made and done. She was in charge of decorations and color scheme.   The idea was to send out invitation, I was fine creating a Facebook event but my friend wanted to use punchbowl.  Overall it was still ok, but I like things to be done on a schedule.  I love my friend dearly, but she not the greatest at time management. Me on the other hand it depends on who you talk to, some people call me a time police others would say the same thing Time management is not a strong point.  I think it depends on the person.

Tip #1 when planning a party with a friend, determine who will be more likely to do what and keep a schedule in place.

Determine how far in advance to start cooking food. I had a schedule in place and I started preparing food Friday afternoon, and I had to work both jobs so it was good I had an idea of what to prepare and when.  Prepared Ice Tea, and Dips on Friday night, then on Saturday, prepared meats and baked goods. Sunday morning prepared all day of items such as cream based items and sandwiches. I even had  a chart that listed what was to be prepped when and how.  This made life easy and help for me to determine what to throw out and so forth.

Tip #2 Prepare a basic chart of what food you want to serve and when to prepare them.

Also by doing this, I had a budget in place and was able to find alternatives that were suitable for my budget.

Tip #3 Have a budget in place.

Lastly, Tip#4 it’s ok to cheat.  I would love to say you should slave and make everything from scratch but who am I kidding. Just do what you can from scratch and use good quality ingredients or products for the rest. Most of your friends won’t care especially, if they just enjoy each other company.

Enjoy the pictures and If I can remember recipes I will post them. J

The Final Menu:

Blueberry Lavender Scones                                         Maple Cinnamon Scones with maple glaze

Cucumber and Chive Crostini                                      Spinach Avocado crostini

Pepper and Onion Dip                                                   Orange Creamcisle Dip

Turkey and Avocado sandwiches                              Cucumber and Chive Sandwiches

Berry Basket Ice Tea with Red Berry Ciroc             Citrus Hot Tea

Mini Apple and Brie Quiche                                         Apple Bourbon Meatballs

Dreamsicle pops                                                               Thin Mints and Samoas

Cucumber Water                                                             Tequila Marinated Tomatoes and Peppers

Nutella Brownie Bites                                                    Cucumber and Onion in vinegar and Dill

Not all the food that was made is pictured.

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