Spice and Tea Exchange Adventure!

6 Jul


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pice and Tea Exchange Adventure!

I have been trying to write a post for weeks. I would love to say I am un-inspired or bored but I just been busy with work, life and I had to undergo a medical procedure.  So my first post back, is about this store I encountered in Georgetown last Friday. I was actually looking for the store two of my friends (PIMT members) went to when they did a day in DC.  I couldn’t find it, call me dumb but I happened upon this majestic little hamlet called the Spice and Tea Exchange in Georgetown.  I feel in love with this store. If you are a cook, baker, chef or just want something different to cook with, you should come here.  The walls are lined with so much variety and different spices.  They have blends of traditional spices, and flavoring, Sugars, Teas, Peppers, and more.  I love how each section is broken down and you can go in and open the jars to smell each item.  They have pre-packed bags of all items in the store for you to buy and try, or you can buy in larger quantities.

The sugar blends were just as exotic ranging from Onion Sugar that smelled like it would be great on sweet potato chips, to Ginger sugar that seem to beckon idea in edamame dip. I ended up with Salted caramel Sugar that I will use in macaroons later this month and strawberry sugar for my non-traditional strawberry shortcake.  I was not as fond of the blueberry sugar as I thought I would be but then again I have a love-hate relationship with blueberries. I really didn’t get a chance to explore as I wanted due to me being stiff and achy from my procedure.  If you like to back and want to try a different spice you should find a spice and tea exchange near you they have multiple locations and you can even order through them.  I will keep this short.  Add in uber cool pictures that were taken of the shop.

Also for my cat lovers, they sell Catnip.  This makes this place super awesome in my novice cooking and baking book.

So go check them out make this a mini trip and try something new!



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