Texas Meatloaf

29 Oct

Texas Meat Loaf


“All my exes live in Texas”—George Strait.


So I am in the doghouse with my boyfriend. I know, I know bad girlfriend right. Well I wanted to make it up to him and wasn’t sure how. I know somebody has screamed sex, but that so common. I thought I would surprise him with a full cooked meal.  Not one of my foodie meals like plum-port duck or lemon ricotta wontons.  I decided to make him his very own Hungry man meal, without all the MSG and unnecessary random chemicals they put inside of food items. The menus consisted of Texas Meat Loaf, Creamy Mash Potatoes with Bacon Bits, steamed Broccoli and of course Cheddar-Garlic Biscuits.  I know this by itself is like 3000 calories. It’s made from the heart and from scratch (sort of just the meatloaf). The steamed Broccoli came from Wegmans (I am lazy).

Now why did I name this Texas meatloaf?

 1. I smeared it with Barbeque sauce on top.

2. I added Texas Salsa and Cheddar cheese in side.

3. I seasoned the meat with Sweet Red Pepper Rub.

Most importantly I just thought the name sounded cool.

The recipe and pics are below and I hope you like the meatloaf. I would like to say I made this with Harry and David products. I love Harry and David products, but these can easily be replaced with other store brand products. It took only and 1 -1 hour and 15 minutes to cook. I used Chicken broth to keep the ground turkey from being over dry.



2 eggs beaten (lightly)

2/3 cup chicken broth*

½ cup of dried bread crumbs*

½ cup of Shredded Cheese

½ cup of chopped onions and Red peppers

^ ¼ cup  Texas Salsa* (any salsa)

1 tsp of Chili powder

^1 tbsp of  Harry and David Sweet Red Pepper Rub*.

1 soy sauce packet* (this was supposed to be Worcestershire Sauce but I was out)

2lbs of ground Turkey*

^½ bottle of Harry and David Oregon Trail Sauce *

(salt and pepper)

*Are items can be replaced to your liking.  You do not have to use Harry and David product and use regular Salsa and Barbeque sauce. If you eat beef you can use the beef alternative.  I was to lazy to make sourdough bread crumbs so I just used regular bread crumbs.  Also the soy sauce was cool but next time I will use Whorecestershire sauce (Worcestershire).

^These are Harry and David items that can be replaced. Also you can add less or more for your taste liking.




How to make it:

  1. As always preheat oven to 350*F ( I accidently set it to 400 but fixed it to 350 after 5 minutes)
  2. In a large bowl combine the eggs, soy sauce, bread crumbs and mix together. Let stand for about 5 minutes
  3. Add in the Cheese, peppers, onions, salt, Black pepper, and meat. Mix all the ingredients by hand.

*Sanitation check! Have you been washing your hands? Are you putting anything that touch raw food in the sink? Are you being mindful what you are touching? Contamination can happen quickly and make everyone sick. Pay attention 30 second of prevention can prevent hours on the toilet later or even an ER.

4. Wash hands. Then add in the Texas salsa and Sweet Red pepper rub.  I like to be generous so I added more of each to make sure it was flavorful.

5. Add meat to a Loaf pan. Make sure you lightly pack the meat in. if you tightly pack it you will have a dense and dry meatloaf. Being gentle you can have a really moist and light meatloaf.

6. I added ¼ of a cup of the Oregon Trail sauce on top than baked the meat loaf.

7. Cook meatloaf for 1 hour to 1hout and 15 minutes. Add the rest of the Barbeque sauce during the last 10 minutes.  Using a meat thermometer make sure the internal temperatures reaches 165*F.  (Again undercooked items are just as dangerous)


Final result:

All in all this was a pretty good meatloaf. I think next time I will add some Jalapenos or chilies to get the heat I was looking for. The Oregon Trail Sauce was the perfect finish and I see some Bourbon BBQ chicken being created soon with the rest of the sauce.  So I realized at the end I neglected to add vinegar but since I used salsa I think it was fine. It still came out delicious and is one of those item where the flavor is better on day number 2.  Also by using Barbeque sauce I didn’t have to do the brown sugar mixed with Ketchup for the Sauce on top.


Happy Cooking!


He not made at me anymore he wants more food. 

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