Places to Eat During Otakon!

27 Jul

Welcome fellow Anime LOVERS to the annual Otakon Convention. I hope you enjoy the city wonderful atmosphere and find some good places to eat.  I was thinking since 80% of you will be here for three days it would be nice to know where you can get some good food that is reasonable and delicious. Last year when I attended I was hurt more Food Vendors in Baltimore did not try to lure you over for delicious food. Especially since let’s face food at the convention center is meh.  So I am taking it upon myself a day late and a dollar short to suggest a few places to get your eat on!


  1. This Friday night down in Fort McHenry Row is Baltimore own Food Truck Gathering!!!!! You will be able to cover all of your needs whether you want a burger, a unique soup, a vegan friendly meal or dessert!  You can catch the circulator from the convention center to Fort McHenry Row. Use the Banner Route to get down there it’s located at the corner of Pratt and Light Street I do believe.
  2. If you want a hookah bar with reasonable prices than head down to Federal Hill on Light Street and go to Zeeba’s Lounge. The food is good and moderately price so you won’t feel like breaking the bank but still get to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. ( use Purple circulator)
  3. If you head North on Charles Street Try either Joss Sushi Bar or Café or the Snack bar. I went to both place the Snack bar is perfect for otakins that want traditional meals.  Plus I love the Prices nothing over $7 and they offer awesome tasting size meals. They even have a Chinese Burger which at first seems weird but its pulled pork and relish and my meat cohort, enjoyed every bit. Watch out for the Bao dishes. They even have Sanigria soda.  They also have Raman(sp) ( marble soda) Try the Lotus- wrapped Rice. But stay away from the Radish Cakes they were very different, not good or bad just not my favorite item on the menu. (Use Purple Circulator)
  4. If you head over to fells point than go to Teavolve for a laid back adult night. I love the food and service and if you are over 21 go for the Happy Hour pitcher of Sangira. Also you have the ever popular Sticky Rice down the street,  but bump that Try Blue Moon Café  who doesn’t love breakfast at night.

( Use Green or Orange circulator)

  1. Feeling Adventurous, Jump on the light rail and head North to Mt. Washington to Chiyo Sushi. I talked about this place in another post and it freaking awesome. Good food, laid back atmosphere and you get to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Also You can hope right back on and it drops you off right next to the convention center.

Let’s talk Dessert:

I mean it is the best part of a meal.  So Here are okay 4 maybe 5 places you can try while here

Federal Hill has Midnite Confectionary and I personal enjoy their cupcakes. Some people are not fans but the mother –son team serves up sinfully delicious cupcakes that most people enjoy.  Last time I went the staff was friendly!

Up the street you can also try Afters’ Café so this is my dilemma.  I love the frozen yogurt but everything else is ok. So if you want frozen yogurt try them for a whirl. I mean while out and about be adventurous.

So With all the construction and renovation going on down there I am not sure if Oh la la  cupcakery is still in Light Street Pavilion. But if it is Go grab a dozen cupcakes, and cool beverages and chill out with friends. These cupcakes to me are amazing. Last time I had them they are tasty. I might have to make a pit stop there this weekend.


Headed over to Fells Point try Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream shop over on Broadway. Forget Coldstone Creamery!  This Ice Cream shop has the right stuff baby in my crappy “New Kids on the block” alto voice. Have to forewarn you they are always crowded. After dealing with the blazing heat of summer and large crowds, what is another few minutes in the line for a tasty treat is worth it.


In Mt. Washington you if you are up there to eat at Chiyo Sushi what a quick walk over to Uncle Wiggly’s Ice Cream shop. They sell the exemplary ice cream of Takara Bros.  Try the Golden Graham Ice Cream or the Gravel Road both my personal favorites.  Sweet, Creamy indulgent but just the right amount of texture and old-fashioned flavor.


I hope this helps and I hope you see it.


–Deaverster (unable to make Otakon this year L but will be their next year ;))





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