Chiyo Sushi Awesome or Ok?

12 Jun

Chiyo Sushi Awesome or Ok?

On May 31, 2012, I went out to Chiyo Sushi in Mount Washington in
Baltimore. I will be honest I am a sushi slut! I love sushi and I usually
can tell you where the best places are in the city. I can also tell you
where to stay away from. I had the honor in the summer of groupon (I am
trying to use all my groupons before the end of summer) to go to Chiyo
sushi. From first appearance it appears to be in the cut. Seriously, you
may drive by it if you miss your turn or go too fast. It’s up the street
from the Mt. Washington light rail stop, so be green and take the light rail.
When you first enter, the restaurant is very quaint and cozy. At first, you
may feel like there is not enough room, but the hostess will lead you
upstairs where they have more seats. Like most sushi restaurants, they have
two menus. One with all items, and of course a sushi menu. The sushi menu is
extensive, it has two sides with over 100 choices of rolls, either cooked or
vegetarian options. So we started the meal with green tea, my eating buddy
had iced green tea. I had the hot honey green tea, which was good with a
strong honey after taste. So we finally decided with the help of our
waitress to get the New Orleans roll, Florida roll, Kamikaze roll, Honey Nut
Shrimp roll and Ivy roll. Sidebar, I must say our waitress was nice and
bubbly and suggested the Florida Roll and Ivy Roll. Each roll was unique
too in its own right, and just made me smile after eating it. All rolls were
served on the same plate.

Here is the breakdown of taste below:


The Ivy roll was made up of apple, avocado, bean curd and cucumber if I
remember correctly. The apple brought out a sweetness that enhanced the
flavor of the bean curd. This was very tasty and for any vegetarian reader
out there was a delish roll to try.


Next up was the Florida roll. Again, I forgot what was inside the roll but
it was similar to other sushi restaurants Florida roll. It was still
refreshing and delicious. The Kamakaze roll was super spicy with black
pepper tuna with avocado and tuna inside and tuna on top of the sushi roll.
The roll off the break was SPICY. If you like spicy then , this is the roll
to get. It will set your mouth on fire, but in a good way.


The last two rolls that were enjoyed were the Honey Nut Shrimp roll and the
New Orleans roll. Both are lightly fried outside. The honey nut shrimp had
this amazing sauce, walnuts, apple and shrimp tempura. The roll was still
delicate, with the right amount of sweetness. The cool part, the
crunchiness came from the whole roll not just the walnut. It wasn’t a
flavor explosion but more like a small symphony of savory and sweetness.
The New Orleans roll was just as good also, with crawfish, and a fried
outer shell. I do not remember all of the details, but it sort of blended
New Orleans flavor with sushi, which just made everything awesome.

In my opinion I would suggest this place for a date or a dinner with
friends. Uncle Wiggly is up the street on Forge Avenue, which serves Taharka
Brothers ice cream. The sushi was good, service was good and atmosphere
was relaxed and nice. It’s right off of the light rail and several bus stops
so one doesn’t have to worry about parking. If you are in Baltimore, and want
to try something new that’s not in the heart of the city, then jump on the light
rail and explore Mt. Washington.

Until Next Time,

— deaverster

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