I’m Back! Sort-of…

21 May

Well, I have been long absent. I will break my WordPress Cherry by judging some pastries that I had at LaMill in the new 4 Seasons in downtown Baltimore.

I decided to give myself a mini- “treat yo’ self” day and eat a bunch of shit. My first stop was LaMill. Why? They have macarons, Beignets, and the kept saying to “come on down”, on Twitter, so down I came.

Food: Yummy

Service: *side eye*

Will I return: If I am feeling friendly and French

Food: When I first walked in all I smelled was fry oil. Not coffee or pastries, so I was already worried. I decided to get real fat, and I ordered Chai tea, 3 Beignets,1 huge cookie,  and 1 macaron. I kept  tabs on my cell phone. Before a critique the food a few pet peeves. Those chairs are crazy uncomfortable. They are made out wicker, and the front of the chair has a ledge that puts pressure on the backs of your thighs in the worse way. There were no local newspapers available to read which was disapointing. The Chai tea was perfect. It didn’t need sugar, I absolutely loved it and will compare all others to it. I don’t remember the official name of the cookie, but it was a junk cookie. Popcorn, chips, oats, chocolate chips, and whatever else. The cookie was served warm, which was a nice touch, but the popcorn gave the cookie a stale mouth feel. It tasted good. The macaron was way too sweet. It had a nice thin shell, moist middle, and good “feet”, proof of a macaron built well.  The cookies themselves are always sweet, to fix that you have to tweek the filling. It was a strawberry/strawberry jam macaron. A bit of salt , basil, lemon ,or lime added to the jam would have helped the cookie a lot. The Beignets themselves were wonderful. I received 3 dipping sauces. Lemon Curd A+, Butterscotch A, and Chocolate D. Yep Chocolate gets a “D”. It barely tasted like chocolate! A thin ganache would have served better than that fudge crap.

Service: I placed my order and was sitting and reading at 11:55 a.m. There were only 4 other occupied tables. As of 12:12 I still hadn’t received a thing, not even my drink. At 12:18 I was told that my order was “on the way” If I was on a 30 minute lunch break, I would have been fucked. A few minutes later my food arrived without Beignets. Before I could state they were missing,  I was asked to compensate for the wait, would I like a free order of Beignets. WHOMP! I of course stated that I had ordered Beignets, they arrived at 12:26, I was not offered further compensation.

Would I go back: If friend wanted to go, I would tag along.


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